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The Trouble With Girls

Walter Hale - Elvis Presley
Charlene - Marlyn Manson
Betty - Nicole Jaffe
Nita Bix - Sheree North
Johnny - Edward Andrews
Mr. Drewcolt - John Carradine
Mr. Johnson (Mr.Morality) - Vincent Price
Carol Bix - Anissa Jones
Deputy Sheriff - Jerry Schilling
Gambler - Joe Esposito

Produced by Lester Welch
Directed by Peter Tewksbury
Screenplay by Arnold and Lois Peyser
Based on a story by Mauri Grashin, Dwight Babcock, Day Keene
Photography by Jacques Marquette
Music by Billy Strange
Costumes by Bill Thomas
Clean Up Your Own Backyard
Swing Down, Sweet Chariot
Signs Of The Zodiac
The Whiffenpoof Song

Recorded at Western Recorders, Hollywood
Engineer: Eddie Bracket

Guitars - Joseph "Bobby" Gibbons, Morton Marker, Gerald McGee
Bass - Max Bennett
Drums - John Guerin
Percussion and Frums - Frank Carlson
Piano - Don Randi
Trumpets - R. F. Taylor, Dick Steff
French Horn - Joe D'G eralamo
Saxophone - Glen Spreen, J.P. Lyper
Trombone - Jack Hale, Gerald Richardson
Vocals - The Blossoms, Darlene Love, Jean King, Fanita James, The Mello Men, Jack Halloran, Ronald Hicklin, Marlyn Manson

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