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Lonnie Beale / Panhandle Kid - Elvis Presley
Vera Radford - Julie Adams
Pamela Meritt - Jocelyn Lane
Stanley Potter - Jack Mullaney
Estelle Penfield - Merry Anders
Hilda (masseuse) - Connie Gilchrist
Brad Bentley - Edward Faulkner
Deputy Sheriff John Sturdivant - Bill Williams
Henry (gardener) - Louie Elias
Barbara - Barbara Werle
Adolph (chef) - John Dennis
Janet - Laurie Burton
Mabel - Allison Hayes
Clair Kincannon - Linda Rogers
Sibyl - Ann Morell

Produced by Ben Schwalb
Directed by Norman Taurog
Screenplay by Elwood Ullman and Edward Bernds
Photography by Loyal Griggs
Music by Walter Scharf
Night Rider
I'm Yours
I Feel That I've Known You Forever
Dirty, Dirty Feeling
Put the Blame On Me
Such An Easy Question
Slowly But Surely

Songs were taken from Elvis' previous studio albums:
Elvis Is Back, Something For Everybody and Pot Luck.
Slowly But Surely was first released as a bonus track on the Soundtrack-LP Fun In Acapulco.

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